1 3 ohm coils

For more info on battery safety take a look at our best batteries for vaping and safety guide.

The truth is that Sub Ohm Tanks can also be used with lower wattage devices such as the i Stick 30W, for example, by using the 1.2 Ohm coil heads.

RTA’s are essentially clearomizers that require the user to build the actual coil(s) inside.

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Soon it just became a race to the bottom as builders found new and ingenuitive ways to achieve lower resistance setups.

Chances are if the guy in the vape shop is blowing bigger clouds than you, it is because he or she is running a Sub Ohm build.

We use Efest 35A 18650s in our box mods and mechanical mods.

Be sure to never exceed the AMP limit of your batteries!

These are usually smaller devices than tanks that attach to Mechanical or Box Mods.

They contain a deck where coils are built and attached using a screwdriver and wicked with cotton.This is a great option for people who are new to the whole Sub Ohm thing but do not want to start building.Sub Ohming has never been more accessible since the invention of tanks such as the Atlantis by Aspire and the Kanger Subtank Line.Do not use a mechanical mod with a hybrid top cap when sub ohm vaping as this is very dangerous.If using a mech mod with a sub ohm tank, be sure that it is properly vented and never use an unvented mod.Users drip a small amount of juice directly on to the coils and wick before every few puffs.

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