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(This common notion that private colleges have more scholarships may be changing as endowments at public universities rise to meet growing tuition costs.) At the College of St.Scholastica in Duluth, for example, Benedictine Scholarships are awarded to incoming students based on academic accomplishments.

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Having survived childhood cancer, Jennifer could relate to illness in Senator Hart’s life.

After her illness, Jennifer started an organization called “Chemo Crafts,” and has collected and distributed more than 5,000 crafts to kids with cancer.

Here’s the good news around the Big Lake: Scholarships are out there. Talk to high school guidance counselors, attend college nights, meet with college admissions officers and peruse college websites looking for scholarships that are offered.

For some scholarships, students are eligible simply by submitting an application for acceptance at the college. For the majority, though, students submit applications specifically for the scholarship.

It has no application deadlines and makes decisions as students apply.

For Fall 2012, Northland College is introducing a rolling aid process for institutional funds offered based on academic and achievement criteria.

She related this work to Senator Hart’s work championing the underserved.

“I looked at everything he did for his community – he was an advocate for the underdog.” In May of her senior year, Jennifer still had not decided on her school, and it was coming down to financial aid. “I have three older brothers and it was hard for my parents to help me.” She had decided to go to another school, but within days a letter arrived saying she was a recipient of the Hart Scholarship. “I really love it up here,” she says of her college choice.

Is your dining room table piled with college brochures? Has the incoming mail in your household doubled, and all of it on college letterhead?

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