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Credit for prior learning and credit for current competencies will be granted to eligible applicants.More about Credit Students who have previously completed part or all of a tertiary course may be eligible for credit, as per CSU Credit Regulations.

Professional interests Detrital shocked minerals- a wild collision of cross-disciplinary studies that blends planetary geology, mineralogy, impact cratering, igneous petrology, sedimentology, accessory mineral geochemistry, shock metamorphism, crystallography, geomorphology, astrobiology, early Earth studies, and the origin of life...!

Passion in research Understanding early Earth processes preserved in sedimentary records, such as detrital zircons and other phases.

A range of credit packages are available to students who have completed relevant prior study, which can significantly reduce the length and cost of your course.

Please note: Bachelor of Nursing online places for Session 1 2017 are now full.

Ancient sand grains record information on Earth's earliest crust, the first oceans, early meteorite impacts, and habitability conditions that allowed life to arise.

Since most of the early rock record is gone, using geochemistry and geochronology to extract information from these sand grains provides information on the earliest Earth that is unique.

Whether you are straight out of school or have life or health industry experience behind you, nursing can provide you with a rewarding and fulfilling career.

CSU's Bachelor of Nursing is a contemporary and competitive course, developed in close association with the industry.

If you wish to study online, please see the admission information section below for eligibility to enrol in Session 2, or contact us for more information.

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