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The police, if at all they wanted to ask something, ought to have gone to the child’s house and that too in civil dress so that an enabling and supportive environment is ensured.

These are the basic protocols that must be followed in cases involving minor victims.

The civil society, consisting of NGOs, unions and so on, also didn’t act the way the issue demanded.

People working for “women empowerment” did organise seminars and meetings at that very time, but didn’t find this issue to be significant enough to take up.

No help has reached the survivor from their side as well. Rupa, who used to love roaming around, now stays mostly at home, under the constant vigil of her 10-year-old brother.

Her mother, after many days of unemployment due to rounds to the police station, has now finally started going to a construction site because she has to feed her children somehow. The police is busy denying the allegations of their inaction and calling the family of the girl “uncooperative”.

Although, the confirmation of this will come to us through the medical report for which we have filed an RTI, this breach of protocols is clear violations of human rights of the girl. When the police, doctors and administration fail, one always expects that the fourth pillar of democracy and the civil society, both of which are important in forming the public opinion about issues as well, would come forward.

But in this case, even their role has been disappointing.

She was, after all, just a child, that too with multiple disabilities.

After she reached home in a distraught state, her mother, seeing her changed clothes and physical condition, realised what had happened to the child.

I had always believed that Chhindwara was that kind of a place which wouldn’t hesitate to stand up in solidarity against injustice. And more importantly, it failed a child who needed its protection, warmth and nurture the most. On the evening of 13th April, 2014, her father, after earning his wage from a day’s hard work gave Rupa Rs. On the night of 14th April, she was left at a crowded place from where she walked a long distance to reach home – in pain and in confusion.

10 to buy her favourite biscuits from the near-by market. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her and why.

But what followed after that reveals how the so-called supporting institutions and the society at large function. Were the protocols, both medically and legally, followed in a case like this? Was there some show of sensitivity, of understanding, of support? Has there been any progress in the case in the last one and half months? For more than two weeks after the incident, the police could not arrange for experts qualified to understand her expressions and emotions, thereby delaying recording her statements.

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