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Each one of the nice girls who are ready to give you an exciting sex adventure. I actually use hangouts for video calls with relative frequency, and I wish it was better adapted to changes in network speed like they say Duo is.

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After a few years of domination Google started competing with itself and suddenly those of us who were willing to change found ourselves alone. The entire Google Hangouts experience is extremely unfriendly and difficult to use. It's hard to get any non-technical person into a Hangouts call for the first time.

Android Police has an article today[1] that Hangouts has failed as an all-in-one messaging platform.

I don't understand why they need to have different apps doing the same thing.

I am on the same boat as you, using Hangouts for video calls quite frequently. I know these will be preinstalled on Android, but many friends and family use i OS and I will feel silly asking them to install Duo and Allo. They are squandering the small amount of momentum Hangouts has.

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This is part of why products like GMail or Google Search do so well, and products like G so poorly: you could be the only person in the world using GMail and it would be just as useful (and well-designed), while the quality of products like G depend less on their quality _per se_ and more on network effects, which Google's product/marketing is clearly too incompetent to do well.

See, I don't even think it's marketing, it's Google not understanding what they already have and engineering a solution without a problem.

The network effect is portable when the identities are preserved across products.

For example, Facebook's separating out of FB Messenger was done while preserving the already built-up network effect. I remember a time when everybody I knew went to google for communications services.

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