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The episode paid dividends years later in Year 10 ‘Health Ed’ class. Moves over the past two years to include sex education in Australian primary schools is a step in the right direction. Of course, there’s such a thing as too much frankness.Asked to procure a phallic vegetable for a condom-rolling lesson, I channelled lessons gleaned and slid a fresh dinger adroitly onto a raw carrot. Others hit prophylactic struggle town — especially the class jock who, ever concerned with one-upmanship (and no doubt compensating), had sourced the most offensively mammoth cucumber he could muster, girth that few Trojans would ever hope to contain. In my late teens, the old STD warning got more than a fair run in my household.“Have a great time, darl,” you’d hear from the lounge on the way out of a night. ” Equal parts jest and seriousness, the old lady was not talking about long distance phone calls.

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birthday bash, Mum took down the house with a killer speech.

In one of the many anecdotes calculated to embarrass me in front of my friends, she described a morning scene of our distant past, driving me to school in her old Corolla, where, in the static din of 3AW talkback radio, I pulled out the question: “Hey Ma… ” Ever the skilled multi-tasker, Mum deftly negotiated the peak hour snarl of Maroondah Highway while illuminating her curious eight-year-old on the virtues of self-love.

If you believe there is any such thing as privacy nowadays I have nice bridge to sell you.

The pity of it all is the State is not compelled to prove it's case.

I was one of the lucky; for most of my friends, asking parents about wanking at the dinner table would have generated some serious indigestion.

Still today, an era where sex is rife, simmering in a sea of ubiquitous porn, embedded in the subtext of consumerism, the open discussion of sordid deals like masturbation remains a significant taboo.

Rather than collecting webcam chats in their entirety, the program saved one image every five minutes from the users’ feeds, partly to comply with human rights legislation, and also to avoid overloading GCHQ’s servers. There recently was a single panel cartoon showing two NSA guys discussing certain surges in network traffic around 11PM EST.

The documents describe these users as “unselected” – intelligence agency parlance for bulk rather than targeted presentation discusses with interest the potential and capabilities of the Xbox 360? One speculated that it was people getting a last snack from a refrigerator before heading to bed. Next worry: the Toilet Safety Administration, as exhibited on South Park.

sex and money is what they offer their managment level minions. BUT I will never underestimate these Zionist Nazis inability to keep their hunger for power and control, their predisposition to lie, steal & cheat in check. Sorry, NSA, if you want to jerk off to my private sexual content, you have to enter my home and install the hardware yourself. (Unless you have to physically plug the thing in then there is no switch, it's all software controlled) Don't think you can be targetted? does every network interface on it have a MAC address? Could you be identified, or misidentified, "visually" from CCTV footage if you paid cash?

the masses just get the illusion of someday obtaining said sex and money. Did you have a mobile phone that you have a contract for on your person when you paid cash?

There wasn’t a whole lot of support out there for Mum and Dad when I — the healthy product of last minute onanism — popped out to surprise them during their HSC year.

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