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Established in 1880, Westons cider make “traditional English cider in the way people want cider to taste”.

As Cider lovers ourselves we can all attest to that and will certainly be bringing a couple of crates or 10 with us on the trip.

The Maida Vale team especially wish you the best of luck!

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They are one of the South West’s leading signmakers, and can produce any type of signage; from corporate, commercial and retail signs to A-boards, pavement and safety signs – not to mention vehicle graphics and workwear.

Address: Bath Signs, 67 Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3PG.

Too often, our holidays in the British Riviera have been marred by gale force winds and torrential rain.

In the rain shadow of the Himalaya mountains, the mighty Gobi desert can reach temperatures of 37.2 Celsius, enjoying just 194 millimetres (7.6 in) of rainfall annually, in contrast to the UK which suffers an average 200mm in November and December alone.

They work with people who have lived in the forest for generations and put them back in control.

Working with communities across the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea, Cool Earth has already saved 330,000 acres of forest.

23/08 DAY 3 in Almaty Dom had been whining about not having gone paragliding in Georgia for some weeks by this point.

Rousing the team at 8am he announced that he had committed us all to a session paragliding.

Though Dominic failed his first driving test by pulling onto a dual carriageway in front of a double decker bus at 80 miles per hour without indicating; despite the fact that Steve cannot drive at all and suffers from chronic, debilitating car sickness, and even though Jack’s stature at 6‘5” makes long periods in a seated position intensely uncomfortable; at a mere 10,000 miles the team is obliviously confident that driving is the correct choice.

And how else to get a tan than a trip to the city which literally means means “Red Hero”?

They’ve designed everything from the ‘Zenki Pod’ to Candle Makers and are located in Unit D15, Backfield Farm Business Park, Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire BS37 9XD.

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