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70% des membres laissent directement leur numéro de téléphone personnel avec leur annonce.

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We understand that relationships begin with chemistry but are really about deep, profound connection, mutual respect, appreciation and, if all the stars align, love.We are aware of how difficult it is to find a mate. We provide personal, face to face and voice to voice service.We believe in real, human connection, not cyber chatting or electronic relationships.A lot of people ask why I choose to shoot film for my personal photos when I have the best digital cameras and lenses available to use, and I can’t really explain it – I suppose I like to use old things occasionally, the same way some people get a vintage car and enjoy taking it for a spin on the weekend.Lately I’ve been expanding from just shooting instant film to shooting some medium format film, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience of taking the images.The aperture is adjusted by lifting a sliding piece of metal which has three differently sized holes cut in it.

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