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There are even lasers which are used to engrave the image from a photograph or artwork onto stone surfaces, including jade.I am willing to concede that some or many of T&T's pieces are authentic.

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Just as we see masterpieces of artwork from every era which took advantage of the best technology they had at the time, and cunning craftsmanship by artists who could could have easily made a name for themselves on their own merit.

Although some collectors whom I respect will disagree with me, I believe that whether these hundreds of pieces in T&T's collection were forged, faked or reproduced last week or hundreds of years ago, each generation of jade craftsmen has always had access to the traditional tools and techniques, as well as the ability to incorporate newer tools, newer technologies, and whatever they could come up with to enhance the popularity of the item.

It must be remembered also that while the scientific and academic communities can look at and evaluate how porphyroblast crystals within the nephrite matrix can become raised or pushed above the surface of the matrix by the formation of other crystals within the matrix, they have no valid reason to spend research grants on proving or disproving the crystals as a means of dating an artifact, or on how to grow surface crystals or expose porphyroblast crystals within the nephrite matrix which would be more of a commercial endeavor for the multi-million dollar per year Worldwide jade industry since the authenticity of museum jades is ideally based on provenance and documented excavation, NOT surface weathering and crystals.

Just as we see countless faked, forged, and reproduced ceramic objects that were the result of extensive experimentation in some cases in order to create interesting decorator items, and in some cases to defraud serious collectors.

Another one with coil dragon belongs to Hache Yue en bronze, Chine du Nord, dynastie Shang, 13me - 11me sicle -JC. -------------------------------- One of the forum member sent me an email and had noticed that the lump was cut and engraved into 3 sections after the faking process ( not only 2 parts as seen in my picture).

This indicates fake with bad workmanship as well as silly authentication.However, if anyone points out how the test results were based strictly on the objects which were submitted for testing and should not be considered a rubber stamp solution for determining the age of an artifact, or that the scientists could not speculate on the length of time it takes for the crystals to become raised naturally, or whether it would be possible to grow crystals on the surface of an object artificially, the raised crystal lovers will fall back and say that the number one means of determining authenticity is the artwork, not the science. Fortunately, these documents are available for people to read in context, and through my own communications with Fred Cook, I have learned that science is a long ways from coming to any conclusions as regards raised crystals being an indicator which will allow scientists to determine the age of a jade artifact.There are just too many variables as to the chemical makeup of the soils, the composition and temperature of the water in the soil, and even other items within the burial including the body.I am also willing to concede that many of the pieces feature awesome lapidary work, and even what appears to be authentic ancient script.Just as with the scientific evaluations, each piece would need to be examined on its own merit, and the script characters translated to see if the script makes any sense or is only a conglomerate of copied characters.There are a couple of them who are well spoken, and they try to make the same arguments in a more civilized manner, however if they are unable to succeed, the crystal goon squad will soon take over the thread and in many cases begin cannibalising those on their own side who try to make their points without resorting to sophmoric schoolyard taunts.

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