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It will automatically close holes, convert to voxels and perform autoretopology.On this stage I will make short pause (several days) to fix bugs and solve urgent issues from the forum.Combines painting layered textures and sculpting in one easy to use interface with use of 3D Layers.

3dcoat updating obj-77

They come into Blender fine, and also into 3D Coat, although it looks like the obj's are being triangulated coming out of Lightwave. And, why do I not find any options for my OBJ export out of Lightwave?

While I was able to get obj's from 3D Coat into Marmoset, some come in fine, others are not coming in fine. Cheers, Jeff Burford Just tried it real quickly here with the Marmoset demo. If you export it from modeler without a texture and UV map, nothing loads in.

- I have add new very important option to export setting "Perform coarsing". If you will export low poly mesh with this option 3D-Coat will "sharpen" mesh in so way that in your 3D-package you will get same model as mid-poly in 3D-Coat after subdivision with Catmull-Clark.

It is absolutely important if you want to get displacement and low poly mesh as result.

Their latest version contains a Sketchfab exporter that publishes your project to Sketchfab, sets up all required PBR materials and then enables the PBR renderer. To celebrate this new integration, we’re giving all 3D-Coat users a free 90-day Sketchfab PRO license!

Just download 3D-Coat (they have a free 30-day trial), upload a model with their new exporter and the 90 days will be added to your Sketchfab account.

V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max We’ve just released V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max, and it’s fast.

Our new Adaptive Lights algorithm speeds renders up to seven times faster on some scenes. What's New in Houdini 16 Amarok At the Houdini 16 Launch event held at Rich Mix in London, Side FX is previewing a wealth of new features, including: a new network editor, viewport radial menus, booleans, terrain gene...

Search the newtek forum or the plugin database and it should turn up.

latest update, 3.3.10, came out yesterday with improvements to the auto-retopo feature. ( Update details: - I brought auto-retopology to easily usable stage.

It is the best way to expose or share your textured model.

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