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Android, Li Mo, etc all “boast” a nimbler, more agile set-up, allowing for faster development and, arguably, better user experience.

This is not necessarily Symbian’s fault (it carries with it its legacy around) but it makes it that much harder for it to reinvent itself.

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Google wants a healthy Android ecosystem and a competitive Motorola contributes to that.

The article went on to refer to the respective releases for 1.0 and 1.5 (both to HTC).

This would leave Symbian without its two largest OEM supporters. Symbian of course boasts a still very impressive number of legacy devices, and it will therefore be here for a while.

However, what does the long-term outlook look like?

However, one might argue that, for the first two releases, there was not much harm done in working more closely with HTC as they were the front-runners on deploying an Android phone, so that the concerted marketing buzz etc might have been justified.

However, now that there is a large number of vendors deploying, one might query the compliance of the term “open source” with such exclusivity arrangements.

With Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Li Mo, Java FX (if that ever takes of properly), etc all on the map, too, the situation is very different to the DOS/Windows/Mac OS world. soccer) matches (although I am not sure where, when and why one would do that).

Would Nokia be quicker in execution, I might still look at it differently but, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be that way. Let that sink in: it is – apparently – not a phone. Well, it is of course but one might ponder if that is the message you want to get across. Be not mistaken though, it offers some rather incredible specs: a full six hours (! Compare that to the i Phone where you could watch maybe 30 minutes of highlights IF you have downloaded the respective clips when you were in a Wi Fi zone last. QVGA on a 2.4″ screen, 3.2 megapixel camera (presumably with the trusty Carl Zeiss lenses, LED flash, video, free music via the “Comes with Music” service. It is not a phone, it is an entertainment hub, baby!

Vodafone’s choice of Li Mo for their first two Vodafone 360 devices is testament to that.

The ever-bright Tomi Ahonen suggested a comparison with DOS/Windows and Mac OS: he compares Symbian to DOS, Maemo to Windows and i Phone to Mac OS: Mac OS led in UI and leads to this day.

Users do not generally care much for tech talk (well, maybe some boy racers and hardcore coders do), they care for ease. Apple’s overriding design goal is (and has been for a while) to de-clutter the user environment and experience. Or it could be simple product development timetables.

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