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Unlike in-person dating, with online dating you can see exactly who you are talking to before you ever meet them in person.

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The best rule you can follow is simply writing no more about yourself than you would want to spend time reading about someone else.

Because the length is limited, make sure you place the critical information near the top of your profile, so you get the important stuff out of the way first.

There’s a balance between not providing enough information, and providing too much information.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic word count to abide by.

You need to be sure you’re accurately representing yourself, because if you meet someone in person and do not look like the photo you represented yourself with, you will turn the other person off.

If you’re not photogenic, that’s no problem – you’ll get more respect for being real and honest.Invest time into reading profiles, because that’s the first step to making the connections that could lead to the long term relationship you are looking for.Don’t skimp here, or you could turn potential mates away.Be specific with the information you provide – don’t be vague and say things like, “I like to listen to music and watch movies.” Tell the world about the types of music you like, the kinds of movies you enjoy, etc.This not only helps prospective profile visitors find out your interest, but gives you something to talk about.The Perfect Match owners also owned Kiss and u Date, and have been providing dating services for years.

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