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The New York Daily News had reported in 2006 that Trump had told an audience at a Learning Annex convention speech, "Condoleezza Rice, she's a lovely woman, but I think she's a bitch. Except sound bytes." The archived video only shows a small part of Trump's speech."He went on a tirade about politics, probably 15 minutes into his talk about real estate," Felt said.

She goes around to other countries and other nations, negotiates with their leaders, comes back and nothing ever happens."Deadspin first resurfaced the New York Daily News story on Tuesday. "Most people weren't there to hear about politics and most people left.

When I started playing tennis in the mid-'70s, you couldn't get a membership, you couldn't get on a court -- it was everybody's game. Some of it was the baby boomers like me started to realize that other things were easier on their knees. So I think golf has to work hard to be a game that's growing in the United States. And I was 18 before I picked up another tennis racket. What are your impressions of Michelle Wie -- have you played golf with her? You're presumably still involved in politics here at Stanford. I'd say let's see how history's arc turns out because Saddam Hussein pursuing weapons of mass destruction in a race with Ahmadinejad's Iran, that doesn't really appeal to me either. But the fact is nothing of value is ever earned without sacrifice. Oh I admire lots of people, but mostly I admire people who are taking on hard problems and trying to do a better job for their people. I love that moment in a classroom when you realize that you've opened up some vista for that really bright 20-year-old, who maybe didn't quite know where he or she was going, and now, all of a sudden, Oh, yeah, international politics.

But he made the mistake of taking me out in 95-degree weather in Birmingham, with 95 percent humidity, when I was 8. What do you say to people who criticize the Iraq War as being a colossal mistake? And you know there are terrible sacrifices in that war and you can never recover the lives lost.

This was no mere trivial pursuit, an occasional escape from long hours in the West Wing. We've been on the same teams a couple of times, and we won both times, so we're doing OK.

Six years later, Rice plays golf for the same reason she does anything: Because she wants to be really, really good at it.

Our country has a history of overcoming our prejudices, overcoming our difficult past. How gratifying was it to join Shoal Creek, in 2008, given its past? But I'd like to think if it were a younger Condi Rice at 18 -- say I'd chosen golf, not tennis, as my sport -- I'd like to think that there wouldn't have been problems. I take Tiger at his word that he wants to repair what-ever damage he's done, both to his personal life and to people who were counting on him. It doesn't mean I agree with everything he does. I remember so well, a few days after I'd left government, and waking up and thinking, What's that? What about Bill Clinton: Have you ever teed it up with him? Because people wouldn't be denied freedoms forever.

[In the run-up to the 1990 PGA Championship, the host club's founder, Hall Thompson, told a reporter that Shoal Creek did not discriminate in any area "except the blacks." Asked about black golfers visiting the club as guests of members, Thompson replied, "That's just not done in Birmingham."] Your reaction to the controversy? Before that I couldn't go into a restaurant or to a movie theater in Birmingham. It's hard when people are watching your every move. He knows what he's done wrong, and it's up to him to repair it. How does it feel for you to have a black president in America? The day after he was elected I went down to the Briefing Room at the State Department and said how proud I was of it. You get up in the morning feeling the weight of the job, and you go to bed at night feeling the weight of the job. In fact, I gave a speech in 2005 in Egypt saying that reform had to come. Descended from slaves, and born into 1950s Birmingham, Ala. I work here with one of the Stanford golf pros, Russ Vander Sluis. My inner Phil Mickelson comes out quite frequently. I'm fairly long, but a little wild with my driver. -- then the most segregated big city in America -- Dr. D., provost of Stanford University, National Security Advisor to President George W. It's as if the highest hurdles weed out all but the very strongest of jumpers. And then I have a coach in Birmingham, Eric Eshleman, who used to coach at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and was the swing coach of Graeme Mc Dowell. I want to go back to Ireland and play the southern courses: Lahinch, Ballybunion. And I'll never forget the first time I played Shoal Creek, him coming out and standing by one of the greens to welcome me. Did you ever talk with him about the controversy in 1990? When Tiger Woods started his pro career 15 years ago, he said one of his goals was to make golf look like America. The face of America is changing, the face of golf is changing. You know, who would have thought that we'd be sitting here in 2011 with a black president and a female Secretary of State at the same time? In the United States, I hope to play some of the great Eastern courses: Shinnecock, Winged Foot and those courses. But I love Shoal Creek, and I'm a proud member. He and his wife were nice enough to host me for dinner at the club. And while you should never forget your past, you have to move on. I know in a couple of places where there are black members, and they come from pretty much the same socioeconomic level that the white members come from. But do you feel in any sense that as a very influential, highly public body, Augusta has an obligation to set a better example by being a mixed club? But there are women-only associations and men-only associations, and these are things that we need to leave to people to sort out. My rule was, if it was 37 degrees or above, I played. The idea that people can just work and work and work and never, ever be away from their work and still be effective and efficient, is just wrong. What was surprising is that it was a self-immolation in Tunisia that set it off. You can see the events building up but you can never see the spark. It's not that you're surprised that it happened but you're surprised when it happened and how it happened. I'm a big fan of The First Tee program.__Obviously golf has had a long history of discrimination. And you went to the Masters Tournament in 2009 and wrote about it for The Daily Beast. Long before I ever thought about picking up a golf club. I had a 15-hour stop in Hawaii and she nicely came out and played with me. She's a wonderful young woman and I really pull for her on the tour because she's got a great game, and I think going to college has been good for her. How do you view the whole sex scandal -- his fall from grace? You just have to know what you're cut out to do and what you're not. I loved being Secretary of State, but I don't particularly want to go back to Washington. Yeah, the politics can be quite something in the university, but I don't think the stakes are low. So you don't miss the white heat of being right at the heart of the US government? I think maybe people who go for one term and are kind of hoping to be there for another term and maybe they don't get a chance. How do you see things playing out with the latest events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, across the region? She seems to me to embody what it means to take on hard problems and try to solve them with integrity. He is a gentleman and he was someone who ended the Cold War, and I think never got enough credit for it. And a place like Stanford that has that incredible combination of the brilliant 18-year-old and the Nobel Laureate and Silicon Valley -- it's just a spectacular place to be. And to write -- I'm writing a book about the eight years in government. And I'm involved in a lot of nonprofit activities.

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