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This explains why men and women differ psychologically: They tend to occupy different social roles (Eagly & Wood, 1999).

Evolutionary psychologists explain sex differences as based on differing parental investment.

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Evolutionary psychology indicates that characteristics that people seek in mates depend on their sex and whether it is a short-term or a long-term mating.

Women are limited in the number of children they can have during their lifetime.

Because women invest greatly in reproduction of offspring, they have developed traits that help improve the chances that each offspring will survive.

Men are less concerned with reproduction and are less choosy about mates (Wood & Eagly, 2002).

Evolutionary psychologists have developed a theory to explain the origins of differences between men and women.

Evolutionary psychology is the most well-developed theory explaining sex differences (Wood & Eagly, 2002).

Men have no restriction when it comes to reproduction.

Both men and women compete for their choice of mate.

Social structural theory views sex differences as built-in tendencies to attempt to accommodate assignment to social roles (Eagly & Wood, 1999).

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