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HOUSTON - Donald Trump is set to speak at a private luncheon at the Omni Hotel on the west side of Houston next week.

The event is happening Saturday, September 17 for a local group called The Remembrance Project.

We saw the group at Trump's rally in Austin and turns out they are based here in Houston.

You've likely seen their Stolen Lives Quilt traveling across the country, so we wanted to verify who is behind it."She was a typical 17-year-old girl about to graduate from high school," said Carrie Ruiz, a mother whose daughter, Felicia Ruiz, was murdered in October of 1999."Halloween weekend, they carried it out.

Then, if you can still hear over the ringing in your ears, get to know each other over late-night eats. You’ll be able to bond over locally made jams and fresh-picked produce as you hit two or three farmers markets over the course of a few hours.

But be warned: you should be able to make it through a 15mi ride (there are stops) without uncontrollably sweating before you attempt the Bayou City Outdoors ride.

Our team dug through court records and we were able to verify eight cases.

Of those, six are murders and two intoxication manslaughters.

They can absolutely make endorsements, I can make an endorsement as an individual, but not as a Remembrance Project," said Espinoza. We wanted to verify the numbers The Remembrance Project puts out there.

Politics aside, this mom hopes all the attention will lead to justice."Stop and think about it, anybody out here could be affected the way our families been affected. They list 14 Texans killed by undocumented immigrants since 1998, 10 were here in Harris County.

However, the mastermind behind it, an undocumented immigrant from Venezuela, is still on the run."His name is Jesus Gerardo Salazar, he liked our daughter and he went to school with her, but he was also in a gang called the Latin Kings," said Ruiz.

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