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While it’s understandable that you are seriously hurt by her poor decisions, a wise parent needs to address the nature of their disappointment.

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If your frustration is more about you, you’ve got to move beyond that. Right now she does not need you to reprimand her out of your frustration.

She’s already feeling bad enough about the situation.

I could hear his every movement and all i could do is cry. I was scared so I just quickly went into our room and faked sleep.

Dave: Well, what initially strikes me is that the focus seems to be on the parents’ disappointment.

Finally, you need to really talk through your daughter’s wishes and hear her heart. You’ll need to talk through the school options, whether it’s going to be home-school or correspondence, as well as other aspects of the future of both your daughter and her child. Remember it’s never too late for anyone to start doing things right, to start doing things God’s way.

Realize that time will allow her to grow with the idea of either adoption or keeping the baby. You need to review the nature of the boyfriend and evaluate whether or not this is a good relationship that should continue. At this point, all these different factors that Dave has mentioned may need to be worked through with a good counselor. If you decide to keep the baby as a family, come to an agreement as to the level of care that she and/or the family is going to be putting into this child. Donalyn: It’s very important to remember that God often uses these poor choices that we make, and brings something beautiful out of them: beauty from ashes. Be patient with your daughter as you pray for her, but let her know that your love and support of her is unconditional.

This applies as well if you have a son who is responsible for getting a young girl pregnant. We must convey our support through the crisis time. If your initial reaction was hurtful, make amends with your son or daughter.

Remember that interrogations and lectures will only drive her further away.

Two days ago my husband was missing when I woke up around 3am.

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