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These two babies enjoyed a full blown conversation over a video chat.

One of the infants sits on a sofa next to her mother while the other is seen on the mobile phone screen wearing a blue bib.

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Dylan shared that Calvin has a healthy appetite, jokingly describing herself as a "human cow." This is what a typical day looks like for me now. (And looking forward to the weekend when @fishlense doesn't have to be at work and we can tag team this whole baby thing again! " RELATED: TODAY's Dylan Dreyer reveals she's pregnant with first child — a boy!

Carrying Calvin with stains on my sweatpants, piles of bills and thank you cards that need to be paid and written out on the table, boxes piling up by the door because opening them means I have to put stuff away. ) A post shared by Dylan Dreyer (@dylandreyernbc) on And it turns out Matt's warning about the "deflector shield" at the changing table was not to be taken lightly.

Saviez-vous qu’un chat pouvait également être le maître idéal d’un jeune enfant ? Surtout quand celui-ci est en mesure de lui apprendre à marcher avec l’aide d’un trotteur.

Seems dogs wanting to stay in touch with their friends and siblings via technology is the latest way to communicate.

They blurt sounds and laugh to each other in an exchange that gets increasingly animated as the call goes on.

Meanwhile their parents, thought to be from the USA, laugh at the duo's adorable antics. One said: 'Wonder what the babies were talking about?Watch this adorable example as these brothers seem to recognize one another’s voices. There's nothing I like better than a good "Babies Being Adorable" viral video."I see his face and I just fall in love every single time I look at him ...I've never been happier." RELATED: Dylan Dreyer: Childbirth is hard, but new baby Calvin is ‘precious’ Of course, new motherhood is not without its occasional indignities.And thanks to the magic of You Tube, there's a seemingly never-ending supply of cute kids doing cute kid things on camera.

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