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If your i Pad, i Phone or i Pod touch freezes on the Netflix loading screen after launching the app, it typically points to restrictions preventing the Netflix service from playing properly.

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So this message app might be limited if your child’s friend’s only have Windows or Android devices.

But i Message (or Messages as it is now called), has very simple privacy settings (see below), parents can supervise their child’s messages in real time by setting up a feed from their child’s messenger account on to the adults messenger account. If your family is sharing an Apple mobile device, you might have some difficulty making the device suitable for all age groups.

Some messaging apps have less than secure privacy settings that simply don’t block approaches by strangers.

Kik messenger is one of these apps with insecure privacy settings.

Privacy settings preventing approaches by strangers are not enabled by default on messaging apps.

Message app users must set them to have them enabled.If you don’t set the privacy settings on your child’s messaging app, they are very likely to be contacted by an adult within minutes of signing up to the app.I know of some incidents where young children have been groomed by adults through Skype, simply because the parents didn’t know about the existence of the privacy and blocking settings, and left the child unsupervised.These apps have various levels of functionality and ease but all work on these principles…These apps have various levels of functionality and ease but all work to track the online activity of your kids.Kik is not suitable for children, it is rated 17 on the app store, and doesn’t have secure privacy settings. It is also impossible for parents to supervise their child on Kik by sharing an account with their child, unlike other safer messaging apps.

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