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Teenagers chatting with adults can often get themselves into trouble before they realize it.

Teens should also be advised not to meet up with any in one person that they only know through online chat.

This is one of the easiest ways for them to put their safety and maybe even their life in jeopardy.

Humans then check the screenshots flagged by the algorithms and proceed to block the offending users for a period of time.

In an interview, Andrey Ternovsky, the owner of Chatroulette says “While recognition software improves, we have employed a moderation team to review pictures manually.

Millions have visited and used the random chat features of Omegle and other similar sites just to Chat with Strangers! Omegle also states in its privacy policy that Participants’ IP addresses are recorded and stored for up to 120 days.

It has to be said that Omegle, Chatroulette and similar random online chatting sites have privacy policies that prohibit children under 13 and ask people under the age of 18 to use the website(s) with their parent’s permission, Omegle introduced the concept of random video chatting in 2009 and more recently started providing monitored video chats, saying “A team of living, breathing humans is moderating video chat 24/7 to keep it as clean as possible.” Under a title that says “Perverts not welcome. The privacy policy also explains that users who save chat logs have their IP addresses stored on Omegle’s servers indefinitely, and that using video chat involves an exchange of IP addresses between participants’ computers.The filter works in a manner that it identifies excessive amounts of revealed skin while simultaneously recognizes faces as appropriate.Chatroulette claims that it does periodically take screenshots of the users’ video content.The problem is parents often don’t define who a stranger is to them.This means children come up with their own definition of who a stranger is and this could lead them to chatting to people they shouldn’t.When a child is using online chat programs such as Yahoo Chat they should get in the habit of denying people who try to add them to a chat list if they don’t know the person.

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