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The National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Group Clearinghouse also maintains a Directory of Consumer-Driven Services which includes peer-run organizations throughout the United States that offer a variety of supportive services and activities, including peer-run support groups.

In addition to the resources listed above, the resources below are divided into three main sections - Specialized support group resources, Other helpful resources, and National Toll-Free 24 hour hotlines.

Mental Health America has its own support community through Inspire which enables individuals to connect on a variety of issues and topics related to mental health.

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See also Type 1 Diabetes in Urban Children Skyrockets.

In the absence of renal disease, 20 year mortality risk in type 1 diabetes is comparable to that of the general population: a report from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study.

Many people find peer support a helpful tool that can aid in their recovery.

There are a variety of organizations that offer support groups for consumers, their family members and friends.

You should feel comfortable in the support group space that you choose, so trying different ones may help you determine the best fit.

We also encourage you to also take a look at Mental Health America's Live Your Life Well program to learn more about the value of connecting with others and other helpful wellness tools.

We encourage you to take a look at all of these sections since there are many helpful resources in each of them.

Family Support Network Adults with Diabetes Care Photos Chat Rooms CWD Conferences Kids with Diabetes Parents Parent Humor Scholarships and Financial Aid Grandparents Humorous Tidbits CWD Forums Poetry and Art Videos Polls Quilt for Life Surveys Rufus Blogs & Social Media Ask the Diabetes Team Alternate Site Testing Alternative Treatments Care Suggestions Diabetes Basics Type 2 and Double Diabetes Diabetes at School 504 Plans Diabetes Camps Diabetes Dictionary Insulin Pumps Food and Nutrition Presentations Products Sports Studies Warning Signs Diabetes requires professional care. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was ten months old. When I got up I felt really, really bad and had trouble breathing.

Oftentimes, we think we are struggling alone, but support groups help us see that there are others who may dealing with similar situations and who in turn can help us get better.

Support groups are open to anyone, but they are often focused on specific topics (i.e. So, take some time and do some research to find the right one for you and your current situation. Do not be discouraged if the first support group you find doesn't quite feel right.

My mommy and daddy and all four of my grandparents know how to work the pump to make it give me insulin. His name is "Dex." Dex tells me what my blood glucose is and whether it is dropping or getting higher. Visit Charlie's page More children with diabetes CWD presents It's Not Just a Numbers Game: Parenting the Child with Type 1 Diabetes with Joe Solowiejczyk.

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