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(Pennsylvania State University) aims to demonstrate that children facing chronic stress from exposure to poverty, discrimination, and violence can acquire and utilize new ways of coping.

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It is also a period of increased brain changes and growth in key self-regulatory physiological systems.

Therefore, preadolescence might be an optimal time for intervening to prevent the onset of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress symptoms in children faced with chronic stress.

In her research, she has found that putting on an emotional mask at work—conforming to a certain image that doesn’t necessarily correspond to how you feel or who you are—drains you of energy that can only be replenished if you then have an opportunity to be yourself. “If we’re expecting people to be super happy and positive to people you’re expected to be positive with as part of your job”—to smile and act upbeat with clients and customers—“if you can’t turn around and be real with co-workers, you are amplifying emotional labor. Click the link below for an overview of the workshop.

Professor of Psychology Alicia Grandey hosted a workshop for students and scholars in organizational psychology, business, and engineering design.

Professor Bierman is Psychology's second faculty member to be recognized as an Evan Pugh University Professor, following Herschel W. Evan Pugh University Professors are recognized among faculty who have completed at least five years of service to Penn State and have distinguished themselves as leading researchers, strong leaders in the University community, excellent teachers, and respected colleagues of their academic peers.

Additional information about Professor Bierman's commendation and the two other recent recipients of the Evan Pugh University Professorship can be found through Penn State News.

This incorrect perception — which the authors dub “pluralistic ignorance” — then makes people fear that others will think they’re less competent, and thus, view them with less respect, if they bring up the subject or talk about it.

And then, that cascades and suppresses interpersonal conversations that might otherwise help put the issue more on the agenda.

“But if you have difficulty stopping the worry once it starts, that’s one of the ways we define what’s called pathological worry.”article "Climate of silence: Pluralistic ignorance as a barrier to climate change discussion" by Nathaniel Geiger (graduate student, social psychology) and Professor of Psychology Janet Swim was featured in an article by The Washington Post.

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