Depending on the context, the practice can also be referred to as adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding. Within a few minutes I was soaked and she was climaxing. I have to say I really enjoyed it when he did it and it turned him on instantly.Practitioners sometimes refer to themselves as being in an adult nursing relationship (ANR).[1] Two persons in an exclusive relationship can be called a nursing couple, though this term is also sometimes used for a mother and her child."Milk fetishism" and "lactophilia" are medical, diagnostic terms for paraphilias and are used for disorders according to the precise criteria of ICD-10 and DSM-IV.[2] One of the best sexual experiences I have had was when my eldest was 6mths and still nursing. I on the other hand have NEVER felt better, multiple orgasms on a feedback loop! It was awesome and I only wish we had done it more often. I tastes like water that has been mixed w/ a bit of [email protected] Quasimodo, I take it you have no experience of this as you haven't shared any information?

I find it interesting that men want us to swallow their cum but that same man can't drink our breast milk.

Even if it's "just to try" it's part of her body that feeds your/a child.

This site is for those of us truly interested in ANR and all it has to offer.

We believe that ANR/ABF relationships should step out of the shadows and into the sunlight, where they belong. is an adult community, it is NOT a place for nudity or porn.

I can see the pleasure of suckling on big milky boobs but what's in it for the woman? And really what is wierder drinking milk from a female of your species or milk from Some animal out in the field? I loved when my wife was pregnant and she would let me suck on her breasts.

I have sucked on a pair of lactating breasts on different occasions…The first time was a charm, more the never did factor…The next two or so times it was not overly fascinating, and the taste had something to be desired, but of course for my partners sake , I acted like it was wonderful…The women mentioned heightened sensations, and that they felt turned on more than usual…So let me be the first to educate you on this topic. Many women can be induced to lactate without ever having been pregnant/given birth. Many are introduced to this while their partner is breastfeeding, and continue it long beyond the point the infant is weaned. It really turned me on and I believe it turned her on also.

I tastes like water that has been mixed w/ a bit of sugar.

I may be strange but we shared kids together, so at that point, what the heck.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I would of treated you like a queen forever to have your breast milk.

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