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Therefore, one goal of successful recovery is to moderate legitimate business use of the Internet while abstaining from those aspects of cyberspace that are most troubling.Begin by incorporating a tangible schedule of Internet usage that will give you a sense of being in control, rather than allowing the Internet to take control of you.

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The addict recalls the self-medicating effects of the Internet and the relaxation and excitement it can provide.

Soon, the rationalizations start again, and the immediate availability of the computer easily starts the cycle anew-and the addict feels too helpless to stop and isn't sure where to turn.

The addicted lawyer will gradually withdraw from colleagues and staff, miss deadlines, and even jeopardize cases-all to maximize unproductive use of the Internet.

Not only is work performance hindered, but family problems may also develop.

The addictive behavior may extend to home computer use when addicts lie to their spouses about their Internet habit and spend less time with their children.

Their habit may even lead to canceling family or social outings and an overall lack of involvement in the community, just to find greater amounts of time for the computer.

A period of deep regret may follow as the addict realizes that work is piling up and feels guilty for all that time wasted on the computer.

Addicts view their behavior as a personal failure of willpower and promise never to do it again, so a short period of abstinence follows.

Volume 18, Number 5July/August 2001 Other Bumps in the Road INTERNET ADDICTION-LAWYERS GETTING CAUGHT IN THE NETBy Kimberly S.

Young Donald is a solo practitioner from Pennsylvania who knew the benefits of the Internet.

He relied upon e-mail to contact colleagues and clients and used online databases to conduct legal research.

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