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For this reason behemoths like Wikipedia get much traffic.

They have an incredible number of pages in Yahoo index.

The more I work together with authors to help them view the ins and outs of online book marketing the more Im sure that there are five basic and fundamental mistakes of which 9 out of Twelve authors consistently help make.

If you dont fall victim to these kinds of five book advertising and marketing fiascoes youll be ahead of the load up…way ahead.

Thank goodness there are tools available that do all three.

You will find them at the hyperlinks at the end of this article. Slender Content Surprisingly also prolific authors with many different books to their credit ratings — gifted writers who will write volumes on their area of expertise — somehow imagine that they can skate by online with just one or two pages or even sentences of content. Heres the deal- Google and the other yahoo and google LOVE content-rich sites.

Most of the creators I work with experienced little to no success marketing and advertising themselves and their guides online because theyre not necessarily thinking the way Web entrepreneurs think — they have zero systematic plan for discovering targeting and in the end dominating a list of keyword phrases related to their ebook or expertise.

Adultvideodate com So as to have success online you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of long-tail keywords and phrases to understand how to review your competition and how to recognize with almost conviction how much traffic a unique keyword gets.

Failing to Build a Base regarding Support Its amazing how several authors dont take selling point of the most powerful online marketing instrument there is — the ability to build a base of help and loyal followers through things like mailing lists or followers on Twitter or subscribers with an RSS feed or numerous other methods in which traditional Internet marketers take for granted.

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