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Chris begins to seem more and more trapped in the abyss between his ideals and his reality, and Tina starts to seem more and more released from the ties that bind. "Sightseers" is dark, gruesome, blithely amoral and thoroughly entertaining.

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Tina, amazed by all the sex she is having, heady with freedom, tries to soothe him.

At their first stop, the Crich Tramway Village, they ride old-fashioned double-deckers.

It's not immediately apparent that Chris is a killer.

He just wants to show off his knowledge to Tina and have a nice holiday. Things like rudeness, boorish self-absorption, and being serenely happy grate on this resentful man.

Chris bashes in the head of a snotty tourist in an isolated moor, and Tina whines, "I never thought about murdering an innocent person before." Chris replies, "He's not a person. Chris fancies himself an intellectual, and the people he murders represent everything he hates about England and modern man.

He's a Daily Mail reader." At one campsite, a group of "shamans from Portsmouth" drum incessantly in a nearby field. Tina, on the other hand, just pushes a woman enjoying her bachelorette party over a nearby bridge for no reason!

When there comes, as inevitably there must, a moment when his feelings win out, the movie signals this not with clunky dialogue but with the most romantic use of an anchovy I can recall.

Messing, from TV's "Will & Grace," makes Kat a character who is dealing with two confusing situations at once.

Tina and Chris soap the blood off the tires and dump the body. It was also the engine of the Industrial Revolution.

Chris feels that litterbugs like this chap ruin everything, and, even worse, this particular squashed litterbug has now ruined the Tram Museum for him. Chris has a motive behind his madness, in other words, which cracks open the deeper themes of the film. Part of the British ethos is politeness, a sort of "No, no, you first" attitude, and Chris is at war with himself: He is sick of coming in second.

During one of the more gruesome killings, the incantatory words of British visionary William Blake, who wrote a lot about the downtrodden, echo from the screen: And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountains green?

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