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Woodiecam is on facebook "LIKE" to stay up to date and see the latest pictures and videos, search Woodiecam The hen will take 2 or 3 breaks a day and covers the eggs with down feathers and wood shavings for insulation.

Questions or comments e-mail [email protected] 2012 was another great year for the Woodiecams. Watch Woodiecam1, Woodiecam2 and chat at my website woodiecam1 Woodiemama Wood Duck and her 3 babies left the box at AM EST on July 16.

“Placing them back exactly the same way at their respective desks without messing up or losing anyone’s personal stuff was quite a task,” jokes Saurabh.

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They lay 1 egg every 1.5 to 2 days and hatch from 29 to 37 days. Holt Lake 2014 end of season Wood Duck, Hooded Merganser and Prothonotary Warrbler report.

Hooded Mergansers are tree cavity nesters and primarily eat fish and crustaceans.

“Also, only when we got into development did we realise that images with too much colour can’t be compressed as much, making the website heavier.

Had we known this earlier we would have avoided it.” The website of a creative agency gives them a chance to boast about their craziness to the world, and Pigeon & Co’s work for Glitch accomplishes that well. won a Blue Elephant for Glitch at the 2015 Kyoorius Digital Awards in the Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital Design category.

To reflect this we decided to shoot a fun walkthrough of their workspace weaving it with different sections of the website.” Glitch’s website, like their studio, had to be experimental and uniquely executed, and hence they chose to make it a mix of animations.

A fun result never is just about having fun when the work is on, and Saurabh helped us understand the tedium of the process.

There are about 25 eggs in the nest and it takes from 29 to 39 days to hatch. All 14 babies made it out of the nest box at AM EST on 6/13/13 Woodie Frances Wood Duck and her 14 babies left the box on 5/21/13 at AM EST. Woodie Nell abandoned her nest due to fishermen to close to the box, loud talking, weekend boating and other human activity.

FIRST EGG Punky the Hooded Merganser laid her first egg on 1-26-17 @ PM. Check out the companion channel Woodiecam2 for the outside view and more videos. Donate safe and secure with Pay Pal or credit cards.

For this, they had to make sure that everything stayed in sync.

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