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The Belgian site hasn’t said what facial recognition technology it is using to make this happen, although reports suggest that it’s Microsoft’s Project Oxford and facial recognition tool, Face API.

Developers can use Microsoft’s Face API up to 30,000 times for free, and after that it costs $1.50 per thousand uses.

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They looked at me with the “big” eyes and, of course, not knowing what was going on that is still carried thrown from 8!

– (out at least something – a balcony apparently acquainted’m not going to), I thought, but said thank you (at a time like spit on everything, get in the car and with a squeal of tires u.b.t steaming away like mad.) And so it would be a good excuse.

Imagine this: There’s a friend of yours you’ve had a crush on for some time but kept it a secret, or perhaps even a Facebook acquaintance you fancy.

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