Bipolar sex

Compared to Bipolar females, Bipolar males had more sex partners, had more sex with strangers, and were more likely to have engaged in homosexual behavior.

Even so, some patients in the Comparison group also had engaged in risky sexual behavior.

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The evidence that sexuality is often increased in adults with Bipolar disorder during hypomanic or manic episodes includes controlled and uncontrolled studies and clinical case reports [1].

The DSM-IV-TR description of mania listed hypersexuality in criteria B #6 and #7 as “increased goal driven behavior…sexually” and/or “excess involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences: for example, sexual indiscretions” [2].

Carlson and Goodwin [16] studied 20 unmedicated manic patients admitted for four months for an observational study of a complete episode and found hypersexuality in 80 percent, although no specific sexual behavior is described. [17], however, found sexual preoccupation in only 25 percent of 16 manic inpatients who started medication by the third day of admission.

In a retrospective chart review study of 1,000 Bipolar II patients, Akiskal [18] found that 40 percent of cyclothymic patients had “episodic or unexplained promiscuity or extramarital affairs” and that Bipolar II patients manifested diverse types of sexual excess including sexual infidelity, overt bisexuality, and sexual activity many times per day.

As part of the preparation for the study, our group reviewed the literature on sexuality in Bipolar disorder, which we now discuss.

Controlled Studies of Sexuality in Patients with Bipolar Disorder.

We also wished to study a group of Bipolar patients underreported in the literature—those treated in routine office practice.

We compared a Bipolar patient group to other psychiatric patients with no affective disorder seen in a private practice setting, with the goal of increasing knowledge about their sexual behavior.

They had failed to use condoms and had had sex with strangers and prostitutes during the previous year.

This paper discusses a study of sexuality in Bipolar outpatients treated in private practice in comparison to outpatients without affective disorder or schizophrenia.

We expected Bipolar patients to have more sexual thoughts and behaviors than other patients treated by private practitioners, even when Bipolar patients were euthymic and on medication.

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