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The my UB portal allows all of their students to register for their courses and will hook students into learning management system Canvas as well as ample other services – including email, provision of the latest school information, and library resources.

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Content has been optimized for smartphones and tablets, and the university even has its own app.

Image Source Interactivity and community are essential elements of Boston University’s online degree and certificate courses, with technology the bedrock of the students’ virtual classrooms.

Meanwhile, learners can get guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the school’s technical support team as well as unlimited library access via an online chat facility.

Furthermore, the library offers digitized versions of its collections.

Blackboard and Embanet are learning management systems favored by the school, while Skype, video conferencing and real-time chat rooms are also available to help online learners reach their potential.

Image Source Management systems, web conferencing and virtual drives come together at the University of Texas at Brownsville to create a progressive learning environment that’s ideal for online students.

Meanwhile, a dedicated e Tutoring website provides learners with three outlets for help: a writing lab, real-time sessions with a tutor, and an offline aid service.

There are eight bachelor’s plus six master’s degrees and ten additional courses to choose from, available via Utah State’s online learning platform, Canvas.

Such technology can include applications and websites that people are already familiar with – Facebook and Skype, for instance – or more advanced and rapidly evolving platforms such as learning management system Blackboard or virtual world software Second Life. Image Source The online facilities at The George Washington University in the U. capital are so effective that associate dean Toni Marsh believes the school’s “on-campus program has gotten better as well.” Moreover, technology has played a big part in this.

As the official website explains, “Technology continuously presents opportunities to challenge our students while expanding their access to information.” Students may undertake synchronous or asynchronous degree and certificate programs and can expect to use software such as i Tunes U to access podcasts, and Second Life to enter a virtual classroom environment.

The school runs 17 fully online courses covering a selection of master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and graduate certificates.

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