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The pervert gave the girls a set number of shows they had to complete before they were “free”.One desperate youngster begged the greying Dutchman not to send footage to her parents — insisting she would kill herself if he did.Over Skype, Dawson was taken inside a Manila slum where he paid Joann to carry out the sexual abuse of three young children. Sam Inocencio, from the non-government organisation International Justice Mission, was involved in the crime-fighting operation in the Philippines that caught Dawson in the act."[The abused children are] two sisters and one boy, and the facilitator is their aunt and so even that alone is really just disturbing," he told 7.30."This type of crime is really just dark and evil."But Dawson left a trail for the AFP to find by also downloading vast amounts of child abuse material.

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Coban was arrested in January 2014 and police found 27 hard drives at his run-down bungalow near Tilburg, southern Holland.

CANADIAN teenager Amanda Todd flashed her breasts for Aydin Coban in a jokey webcam session in 2010.

It always surprises me how the disgusting abuse of children for sex crimes continues to develop, and that creative cyber savvy criminals now offer secure means to distribute – even live - this awful material for money to a significant global customer base.

Law enforcement needs to focus even more on this illegal use of the Internet and engage in systematic intelligence gathering, sharing, crime prevention and investigation.

Yesterday Coban was found guilty of child pornography, fraud and blackmail offences against 34 girls and one man.

He was jailed for ten years, 243 days at Amsterdam’s Rechtbank court.Since 2011 his organisation has rescued more than 100 children, including a baby, and they know there are many more."We conducted a joint rescue operation and rescued a ten-month-old child and we know that our law enforcement partners this year rescued a baby that was much, much younger and so these are being requested by paedophiles here in Australia," Mr Nagle said."Not only are they asking for younger and younger children they are demanding more and more violent forms of abuse."We believe we are just scratching the surface here in Australia."From his perspective on the front line in the Philippines, Mr Inocencio agrees.The vast majority of child abuse material continues to be distributed for ‘free’ on the open net but the use of hidden services like TOR makes it increasingly difficult for law enforcement to identify perpetrators and networks behind the production and distribution of child sexual abuse material.At the same time Dutch police secretly entered his home and left a keylogger device on his computer which recorded his online activity.They also bugged the property and tapped his phone — proving he was the man responsible for the calculating blackmail campaign.A growing source of concern highlighted in the report is the new and disturbing money-making trend of sharing live streamed videos of the abuse and rape of children via the Internet.

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