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They exchanged nude pictures, met in person and have now struck up what Michael, also a middle-aged professional who works as an executive at a high-tech company and is a father, calls “an intimate friendship.” Sometimes they include other people they meet online in their lovemaking, in threesomes or foursomes. I mean, it’s a wild world.” That world has been further fueled by technology.

I visited Susan in her Maryland home with “Michael” (who asked I not use his real first name), a man Susan met online.

Susan uses the Net to trade images of herself with individuals and couples she meets through computer chats and online ads.

This makes the Internet an ideal fantasy playground where anybody can launch naked signal flares into the digital sky to announce: “I’m here, and I’m hot.” Homemade erotica has been around forever.

When Polaroid introduced its Model 95 camera in 1948, average people were given the power to produce personal porn on a mass scale because nobody had to develop the pictures.

But the exhibitionists I contacted all stress that not only are they concerned parents themselves who closely monitor the Internet use of their kids, they also regard such use of the technology as a scourge.

The mom next door For Susan, Internet exhibitionism has uses of a very interactive kind.

Often the camming is mutual, with Don and a woman, using her Web cam to display herself to Don, instant messaging dirty talk back and forth.

'Avenue of escape' Now, Don tells me, he has about 120 regulars with whom he frequently chats and “cams.” He has had virtual sex over the cam with many more people than that, and he does it most nights when he is on the road.

Still, it’s possible Don is actually a lonely retiree in Yellowknife, Canada who's surfing the Internet between glances at "Wheel of Fortune." This is exactly the point of online exhibitionism, and why so many people have started doing it.

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