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v=N1h SNg37K38We can only imagine what undergarment-related promotions 2015 will hold.Nestle Fitness has created boob-cam - a hidden camera bra that catches out all the guys and gals who check out this woman's boobs as she goes about London life. Watch the ad, and the full story about the message behind it. Sign up to the Ad News newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for breaking stories and campaigns throughout the day. I mean, we knew that they have different hair colours but seems like they do different things with their phones too.

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4) Women like phones with cameras so they can take pictures of babies because all women have babies and that's what they like to use technology for.

OK - so women may be more likely to enjoy taking photos, but why isn't it of business documents, architecture, nights out, leaves... Apparently, it's because women have babies and their main role is the "family chronicler".

And it turns out that the volunteer's breasts get checked out a lot, by men, women, babies, and dogs, alike.

To be fair, though, the woman in the video walking around with a bright pink bra sticking out of her shirt, which is likely to draw attention — although far be it from us to knock a breast cancer awareness campaign.

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"As the family chroniclers, women have long used cameras to capture memories — birthdays, graduations and other milestones. As a result, women are capturing not only the big but the small: a son’s scowl on a car ride, a daughter’s ice cream-covered face." Give me a break.

In honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Nestlé FITNESS launched a campaign encouraging women to #Check Your Selfie. By chronicling how often people ogle women's breasts by implanting a camera in a bra.

Probably not, because then you're lumping teenagers with businessmen with students, with graphic designers with grandfathers with bachelors with idiots who work in advertising trends. After being able to call and text on their phones, women were more likely than men to cite the ability to take pictures and videos as an important thing about a phone.

2) There are two types of women with mobile phones: mobile warriors and casual, utilitarian users. Around 37 per cent of them cited it as an important feature in buying a phone, putting it above accessing the internet and emailing.

One danger is that police can run images obtained during a peaceful protest through facial recognition software so they could identify nearly everyone who attended.

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