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Well, yeah, I probably shouldn’t have gotten in the car with him.Probably shouldn’t have let someone who had been drinking drive me somewhere. I call one of my friends, and I’m crying and saying, ‘This is like everything I’ve heard about this industry.’ And I just didn’t think it would be true.So I went in the next day, and his supervisor had us both in the office.

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“I really hadn’t done any major on-air stuff, so I was incredibly excited to get the chance to interview for a real TV job.

And when I arrived I took a couple meetings with some people in the department that I would have worked in and they said, ‘OK, this guy you’re supposed to be working with — that you would be mostly on camera with — is just getting back from a different assignment, so if you want to hang out here, you can work on a script that you’ll do for tomorrow.

At the mark of the podcast, Spain went into detail about how she was harassed at her first TV job interview. This was Spain’s story: “So, my story begins when I was in my early 20s.

I was working at Fox Sports at the time behind the scenes on a highlight show as a PA and associate producer.

“But this job was on the line, and I said to myself, and I said to my friend on the phone that night, ‘I’m going to go in and be as sweet as can be.

And as soon as I get the job, I’m going to tell him the first time I have him alone, that can never happen again …

And he proceeds to spend the car ride talking about incredibly inappropriate things like how I groom myself and how great we would be in bed together …

I’m usually pretty good about joking things off and finding a way to weasel out of uncomfortable situations, and that’s what I tried to do because I didn’t feel like I had the choice.

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