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Back in the early days, the bicycle was the single most important mode of travel for the ordinary man, shares Nasseri. The rest of the population depended on buses and trains to travel long distances and their trusty Raleigh or Hercules bicycles to take them to nearby places.” Engaged in chat, we hear a voice suddenly interjecting: “Tumpang tanya. Saya nak jual basikal lama bapa saya,” (Excuse me, I’m looking for Encik Nasseri.I want to sell my father’s old bicycle.) The voice belongs to an elderly man who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Like all collectors, he’s always ready when opportunity knocks. To my untrained eyes, the bicycle is old, with badly fading paint. Turning to Nasseri, I notice his poker face as he begins his thorough inspection of the bicycle.” For the next two days, Nasseri scoured the old bicycle shops in Kuala Nerang looking for parts to complete the bicycle.

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Due to inexperience, he repainted the bicycle to make it look brand new.

“I spent that memorable Hari Raya taking my wife on that Hercules visiting our relatives.

“This was made in England and shipped to Malaya back in the 1940s.

I’m lucky in the sense that all the parts are original, including the paint work. It’s not easy to find bicycles like this in any condition today,” he explains, before telling me that children’s bicycles are a lot rarer than the adult-sized ones.

The bicycle attracts a lot of attention as we slowly make our way back to his stall.

We’re stopped twice by collectors making their rounds, with one offering to purchase the bicycle for RM1,000. Back at the stall, Nasseri shares that his purchase is a rare Hercules child’s bicycle.

Unfortunately, my offer was rejected as he still needed to use the bicycle to tend to his padi fields.

But, he must have noticed my downcast look because he proceeded to tell me about a bicycle body in his shed which I could have for RM40!

Bicycles cost between 0 to 0 in the past, depending on the brand and country of origin, adds Nasseri. During that time, brands like Hopper, Hercules, Raleigh, BSA and Royal Enfield were household names.

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