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“If I could figure it out and spread it around I would.

It would do so much to break the cycle of poverty,” Laura says.

She goes alone as was not advised that anything else could be going on here. Now to this day although it can not be proved we believe that if she did not have the original operation this would not have happened. I am then a 26 year old guy, I have lost my aunt and loosing my Nan and I am then told my mum has cancer. To the point I actually question if someone is having some kind of sick joke with me.

2 years ago almost I experienced my great aunt die from cancer, a disease I did not understand fully at this time but nether the less to watch the physical change in someone so quick was heartbreaking.

My aunt passed peacefully in her own bed how she wanted which is a comfort to me.

“I think: that could be my aunt, that could be my dad, my grandmother.

I see the struggles that people go through and I know that’s what my family went through. Many people know Laura as a hardworking attorney who splits long workweeks between San Francisco and Palo Alto. Sometimes they know her as the vice president of Puente’s Board of Directors, a position she took on shortly after joining the Board last year. Some Pescadero students know her as the confident woman in the gray business suit who spoke to their grade about the importance of getting a college degree: if I could do it, she told them, you can do it, too.

Her affiliation with Puente dates back to 2007, when she answered the call to donate bicycles and clothing.

She became a student tutor and also helped Puente participants study for their citizenship tests. To donate to Puente, contact Kerry Lobel at (650) 879-1691 x 144 or [email protected] can also donate online at

I still to this day look at her number in my phone and want to call her and just have a chat, get some advice on what to do, speak and see my friend.

Now this his is where my life gets really messed up, 2 months before my Nan passed my 47 year old mum was booked to have a hysterectomy after a life time of problems in that area. Then she is called back to the hospital for what she believes to be a routine follow up after her surgery.

Of all of Puente’s youth-based work, Laura most strongly supports Puente’s efforts to bridge the gap between high school and college for students whose parents never got that far.

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