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According to a recent New Yorker article, is racking up a daily average of more than 1 million discrete users. Some online commentators are already sounding Chatroulette's death knell.

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“They have no idea where the next strangers will come from or even who they really are.” Tsay believes that the number of Chatroulette users will grow exponentially until it reaches a plateau and its popularity levels off. “Just like Facebook came after My Space, I think Chatroulette will definitely stick around, but will lead to newer versions of this same idea,” she predicts.

She also sees a benefit for those who aren’t comfortable in social situations.

Especially since the company made an announcement earlier this month that could be a game-changer for both advocates and detractors.

Chatroulette is now introducing a localized spinoff called Localroulette, which will use your Internet Protocol [IP] address to figure out where you are, and to connect you with other users in your geographic area.

Mina Tsay, a College of Communication visiting assistant professor of communication, has researched the psychology of new media and isn’t surprised by divided public opinion over Chatroulette.

“It’s a novel thing, and it’s pushing the envelope on privacy,” Tsay says.

“I’m a little offended.” While Chatroulette has the power to connect people across the globe, there may be at least one rivalry too strong for it to overcome.

“I was talking to this guy from BC for a while,” Ricks says.

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