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Right now in Chatsworth, there is too much crime; these women will just worsen the community." She was very critical of both sex workers and their clients: "I think these women do not fear God; if they did they would not sell their bodies to so many different men.

The men should be equally blamed for the situation.

These women need to wake up and realise that they are damaging our society." What Stan does not seem to understand is that, as second wave feminists in the 1970s have argued, prostitution is related to sexual economic exchange - it is a result of gender roles that men have economic power to buy sex. I used to sleep at the Methodist Church in Chatsworth. You will have some pleasurable moments, but then it is over." Hope's story illustrates one of the many reasons why a woman may turn to sex work.

Hope, 23, a former sex worker, spoke about her life on the street: "Being ill-treated by my stepmother, I ran away from home in search of a better life. For many sex workers their entry into the trade stems from an economic problem.

Recently, a number of media reports have drawn attention to the increasing number of sex workers in Chatsworth, many of whom are very young.

If anything, issues around sex work in the area are very complex, with different kinds of people involved in the industry for different reasons.

The difficulty of Hope's life on the street was echoed by Becky, another resident of Chatsworth: "Prostitution is a fast way of making money but, as the women themselves say, it is certainly not an easy way." Orlean Naidoo, chairman of the Westcliff Flats Residents Association, a non-profit organisation that deals with community issues, was concerned about teenage prostitution.

"Prostitution is happening here and yet people won't say anything.He said: "There are women who stand on street corners and there are women who will have sex with anyone for drugs, but don't consider themselves prostitutes.There are tertiary students who maintain multiple boyfriends to pay their cellphone bills and accounts.As such, I've devised a therapy model that integrates many different approaches central to the mind, soul, consciousness and YOUR needs, the client.With my knowledge of how early emotional pain and trauma are linked to the formation of personality, mood and anxiety disorders, I create a therapy approach that is best suited to your needs, lifestyle, proclivities and ultimate goals.""You are unique.She invites a warm and caring space for all age groups.""Dr.

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