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When it comes to the performances themselves, too—unlike with shooting amateur porn or stripping—the women call all the shots.

If a guy asks you to make a video where you masturbate while licking a dirty shoe (humiliation fetishes are a big part of My Girl Fund, according to Valerie), you can choose to try it out or ignore the request.

Alex, an 18-year-old who goes to a private all-girls school in the Midwest (and also asked that we not use her real name), said she uses the site and personal video requests as a way to explore her own sexuality.

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She makes a lot of money just replying to messages, she said—something she can do between classes. Unlike time-consuming shift work, like bartending or retail, camming isn’t tied to statewide minimum wages.

“Working as a bartender and stuff, I bust my ass and I do not feel like I get compensated for it,” Valerie told Fusion. Valerie charges $10 for the first minute of any custom videos she makes, and $5 for every additional minute after that.

Could they get in trouble for using university internet? (That said, she does take precautions to avoid, say, her dean seeing her naked. Sure, some models have agents (like famed college camgirl Kendra Sunderland), but for the most part, it’s DIY sex work.

Will the work come back to haunt them when they apply for jobs down the road? On My Girl Fund, users can “blacklist” entire states, meaning anyone who lives in Georgia must request permission before accessing her page.) If going into porn is like joining the corporate world, becoming a cam model is like building your own startup. You’re in total control of the process, which for many women—especially college women—comes with benefits. Which is not to say it’s small time: As an industry, camming is valued at $1 billion a year, according to Mashable, making it more profitable than porn.

That competition is part of what drew Valerie to My Girl Fund.

She likes that the site encourages cultivating online relationships and is conducive to conversation, not just sex.

“Fifty-five bucks in 10 minutes isn’t bad at all,” she said.

And just like at the bar, Valerie has regulars on My Girl Fund—guys she’s been messaging with since she joined.

Maybe you’ll discuss literature, her tattoos—or whatever is on your mind.

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