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In the study of 6,000 British adults by You Gov, just 45 per cent said they were "fairly satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their sex life, while 51 per cent said they had not had sex in the past month.The best-selling Fifty Shades novels may have brought erotica into the mainstream but many men and women have been left feeling inadequate and failing to notice what is actually good about their sex lives.

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If you can't get the job done, there 's someone else there to do it for you. I've always wanted to get into DP and all that shit that you can't do without someone else around. VIEW PROFILE I've always wanted to be a part of a threesome but I don't want to have a reputation. I've completely trend around my casual sex life now.

I thought at first it would be intimidating but it's actually a really stress free, sensual environment that I've throughly enjoyed. Couples are really easy to troll for because you don't have to find a guy and a girl that are attracted to each other, they already are so the hardest part is done. After mentioning it to a friend she said I should just sleep with a married couple since they probably wouldn't go around announcing that they were shagging a stranger. I find action online all the time now, it's incredible.

"Sex definitely doesn't have to be disappointing - there's plenty that can turn your situation around so you can enjoy a sustained, fulfilling sex life.

What constitutes a satisfying sex life can vary wildly from one person to the next, so working out what makes you tick is a great starting point.

With so much concentration in the media on threesome experiences, males in the new millennium are exposed to the threesome fantasy nearly daily, which the experts behind the Kinsey study claim is the contributing factor to men finding group sex more enjoyable.

Swinger dating websites continue to rise in popularity.

"People may feel concerned if they 'haven't had sex in the past month but there are plenty of other ways to be sexy." Previous research by Relate suggests a lack of intimacy in many relationships, with nearly a fifth of people saying they never or rarely felt loved in the two weeks before they were questioned.

Denise Knowles, a Relate sex therapist, said it was clear that "things aren't as good as they could be for many".

Sex Search alone saw an increase of 40% from men seeking couples for sexual exploration in 2010. trading in their relationship status as a couple so they can stay single and join others in bed. VIEW PROFILE I was completely shut off from my own sexuality before.

She states that because of how the media has showcased threesomes, an increasing number of men are seeking the opportunity to join an already established couple in bed. If that comes with a reputation to be a little wild, I'm MORE than OK with that! I've been looking for couples for threesomes lately and Sex Search has introduced me to quite a few willing participants. Like I didn't know what I actually liked, I hated exploring, my sex life was basically black and white.

Couples are now so "bombarded" with messages about how sex "ought to be" that they feel under pressure and avoid it altogether.

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