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About the "REAL ME"- I'm a regular girl in the USA.... KATRINA's vast wealth of information, knowledge & realism is unbeatable!

Includes a scripting language (besides AIML) and includes features to use the...

Amanda the chatterbot [Chatbots - Non English] - [French] She is very nice and she would like to know you.

Cyber Se XXXbot3: Its nice to see a guy with a big cock like yours.

O_o Shdow Of The Nite: ok, i will say a rando sentance, and include the word "nipples" ...

Creating a chatterbot (Part 1) [Articles] - Ever since the first time I heard about the Turing Test I’ve wanted to make my own chatbot.

It started probably twenty plus years ago, when the only lang...

Questions were gathered from the members of Ai Dreams. Marketers Tricked SXSW Tinder Users With A Chatbot [Articles] - A company promoting the movie Ex Machina created a fake account, Ava, with a photo of the star of the movie. My Cyber Twin knows why you cry, but it's something it can never do [Articles] - An Australian company has grand plans to reinvent the lowly chatbot by giving it a little personality -- yours. NATE - Nathan's Artificial Talking Entity [Chatbots - English] - Nate is an intelligent chatbot who has a wide conversational base. Qualitative analysis of learner performance, motivation, availab...

He can research user questions using a variety of sources, providing accurate answers... Twuring - The Twitter Turing Test [Turing Test] - This is a contest and resource for writing a Turing Test capable chatbot on twitter.

Elbot is a computer program pretending to be a person.

And this week it won a prize for coming closest to fooling people into... A to go to a concert together, she will definitely tells you to attend the worldwide U2 performance. Robby the Chat Bot [Chatbots - English] - A friendly and intelligent chatbot.

How to create your own chatbot [Articles] - Everyone around is talking about chatbots a lot.

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