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) You Only Cook The Ones You Love ( M/f snuff S/M slavery job romantic consensual Extreme ) by Lustyrose (Review It!

) The Annual Picnic, a love story of impending doom.

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) Contractual Obligations ( F/m D/s BDSM slavery bondage real consensual Light ) by Freddie Clegg (Review It!

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) Last Weekend ( M /f teen BDSM bondage High School job consensual Serious ) by apom (Review It!

) Enduro ( M/m cbt toys Tit Torture bondage job consensual Light ) by Peter Elliott (Review It!

) Queen Sravya ( F/m F/m feet slavery reluctant Forced Serious ) by Yellow Lizard (Review It!

) The Last Killer ( M/f incest snuff voyeurism job consensual Extreme violent ) by Dark Heart of Id (Review It!These stories concern people bound in latex, tied up whilst wearing latex/rubber or enclosed in latex/rubber and may contain sex scenes and are therefore adult in nature.The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author.) My New Slave (Male Version) ( M /m cbt Young BDSM slavery Rape torture Forced Extreme violent Rated XXX ) by robert. ) Body Swap ( no codes by author ) by The Technician (Review It!) Submissive Land ( f-self enema Swallowing B/D bondage chastity belt Sc Fi consensual reluctant humiliation Serious Light ) by B Dreamer (Review It! ) that are ready and willing to create your own custom online porn video. I am so excited to meet you I might just need a new pair of panties.

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