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If this keeps on happening to you, there must be some psychological reason behind it.If you are upset by these dreams, and you want to find out the reason for them, then it's essential to consult a therapist.The frequency of these dreams tends to get less with age, but a lot of sexually-charged males continue to experience pleasant erotic dreams far into their 60s and 70s.

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Instead, she'll dream of penile symbols, like: However, in our experience, this kind of 'dream symbolism' seems to be less common than it used to be.

People are less hung up than they were a generation or two ago – which is why they tend to dream about explicit sex, rather than symbols. Women don't do this very often, but it does happen – especially at times when they're highly charged sexually.

When we were writing our book The Big 'O' (Hodder: 1995), a sizeable number of women reported to us that their first ever orgasm was in a dream.

However, it's more common for women just to get very excited during a dream – and then to wake up on the brink of orgasm, and perhaps even 'finish themselves off' by self-stroking.

Most sex dreams are fun, and should just be enjoyed.

Sometimes they involve activities that you may feel you'd never get up to in real life – like lesbianism or homosexuality. However, some people do get very distressing sex dreams – about such disturbing subjects as incest, violence or rape.We dream because of the intense activity that is constantly going on in our subconscious minds.And since sex is one of the most powerful of all human drives, it's not surprising that so many dreams have a strong sexual content.Thus, a man of strict sexual morals may have a deep, unconscious desire to have sex with beautiful women.Instead of dreaming about vaginas, he will keep dreaming about tunnels and subways.This expression 'nocturnal emission' means an erotic dream in which the guy actually climaxes and ejaculates.

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