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The girl asks Ace to “delete that video” before he ends the livestream saying: “These two were beating. Speaking to the Bristol Post about the video going viral, Ace said he just wanted to make sure nothing was going on.

Jones was arrested Wednesday, while the 35-year-old Robinson turned himself in.

They had been wanted on a charge of a lascivious act.

"I'm a little bloated.""I did like eighteen loads of laundry today," Masony says on Tuesday night.

It's no longer that I don't have time, it's that I don't have the energy for all it takes to have sex now.""This is me and my husband,' wrote another. While many saw the funny side of her tongue-in-cheek post about married sex, other criticised the young mum – who later admitted feeling "suffocated" by the vicious attacks from trolls.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced Monday warrants have been issued for the woman Brittney Lachell Jones, 26, and Jeremiah Isiah Robinson, 35, who is allegedly the other person shown in the video.

The sheriff’s office said both suspects are aware they are wanted and are not cooperating with police. ” On Thursday afternoon she added “To all the news channels following me on Facebook.According to a criminal complaint, on December 2nd, concerned citizens reported to the Racine Police Department that a video was discovered on Facebook, which showed two male juveniles, ages 15 and 17, engaging in sexual activities with an adult female.It was later determined the woman in the video was Lang.Exploring the restaurant with a quiet female friend, Ace shouts to the camera: “We’ve come to Pizza Hut. I’m checking you are OK.” He is then escorted to the front door by the furious woman and her colleague as Ace shouts: “They were beating.He was doing up his trousers.” He explains to the angry staff member he was only filming the event to prove we wasn’t stealing anything and would have called the police if no staff were found inside the unlocked restaurant. The clip was uploaded to the man’s Facebook page and has received over 569,000 views in under a day.In a Facebook post last Wednesday, she tells her followers “the news people finally left from in from of my house.

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