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As regards the second difficulty, I tried to go back to my readings of existing ethical frameworks in evaluating sexuality.

Reflecting on them, I saw that the new phenomenon of cybersex creates an impasse as to their efficacy.

Cybersex encompasses online photos, audio, video, live sexual acts on request and exchanging sexual fantasies in chat rooms, says psychologist Patrick Carnes, coauthor of In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behaviour (Hazelden, 2001).

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Women are more attracted to short films that have plots and stories. It can be an easy escape, says Burns Cone, and makes users feel desirable.

For more information about women and cyber-sex addiction, click here. "They become emotionally addicted to the good feelings and find fewer normal everyday events and relationships to be as exciting."Lawson says many suffered abuse as kids, and may have other compulsive behaviours.

The complexity of the cybersex phenomenon and the varied ethical issues anchored on it call for a rethinking of existing ethical frameworks and a formulation of a new one with concrete sexual norms for effective moral evaluation. The first section deals with cybersex as a contemporary human phenomenon, its ins and outs, its workings, language, and usage.

The second section deals with the psychological analysis of cybersex, taking into account the positive and negative arguments of cybersexual encounters, explorations, and expressions.

Internet Filter Review, an online research group, says this generates $2.5 billion US a year.

As one woman says, "I actually never knew how much money my husband spent -- we kept our accounts separate -- but he's in debt, and perhaps his habit is the reason why."• When online sex becomes more meaningful than that with a partner.• When the user continues to engage in it even as a relationship unravels.• When money is diverted from the family and household to pay for pornography.• When sites are visited at work and job performance declines.• When the user is ashamed and embarrassed, but compulsively returns, like an addict, to the activity.• When the user needs to up the ante to become aroused, and risks meeting online contacts for sex or uses illegal porn featuring children or violence.

"The other partner feels betrayed, sexually and emotionally abandoned, and rejected."Penny Lawson, of the sex-addiction program at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto, sees more couples staying together afterward, thanks to an increased awareness that this is a manageable addiction. Cybersex users come from all backgrounds and professions, and include both men and women.

"Outwardly, they may be leading normal lives with partners and kids," says Fenn, "but they're struggling.

The Cybersex Phenomenon Its Workings, Language, and Usage From October 14 to 18, 2003, featured a five-part investigative article on cybersex (CS) in the Philippines.

That series gave a clear picture of how cybersex manifests itself in the country.

-- Susan Mc Clelland If you think your partner may have a problem, first ask.

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