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The jealous reality star even raged: “She’d have to get past me first!

” He added: “I’m proud of Mark but I don’t think it’ll last with him and Emily. “It’s nice for him to have someone he can have a flirt with, but I doubt it will be more.” He said that Holly-wood star Eva Mendes, 37, was more Mark’s type.

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But when Sydney-based model Emily left the I’m A Celeb camp earlier this week, Mark shouted: “Bye Emily, love you.” Arg, 22, reckons his buddy will be crowned King Of The Jungle tomorrow night.

He added: “I’m so proud of him and definitely think he can go all the way.

“If I’m wrong and they do last, I hope he brings Emily to Essex, I’m sure she’d love it.” Emily, 28, admitted she also had the hots for Peter Andre, 38, who paid a visit to the jungle camp the day she left. She said: “I’ve been a Peter Andre fan for quite a long time.

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The Aussie babe has lined up a date with the Essex stud after falling for him on I’m A Celebrity.

But Arg, whose close bond with Mark, 24, saw the pair dubbed “Marg” on the ITV2 real-life soap, does not believe the relationship will go the distance.Viewers vote their favourites to stay and to take part in challenges.In recent years as the celebrities fly in the helicopter, The Batman Begins theme is played.Overall this is a pointless vacuous affair which, for that reason, draws a crowd happy with just that.I would grumble on about how this is a new low, but with the way things are generally headed a newer low would probably have been hit on television before I'd even finished writing this sentence.Likewise I'm not a big fan of "reality" shows because, although many are framed as being "helpful" most of the them actually draw their audience in with the promise of mocking or degrading those taking part; a look at Big Brother's exit shows will demonstrate what reality shows are about – almost everybody gets booed, meaning that the majority watch it to dislike the people and gossip about them.

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