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We'll be back next month, and hopefully we'll have a better DJ and I'll have a Vicodin. Byyyyyye." After the show, I come up to congratulate her. Either way, it shows the kind of profound impact he and his drag alter-ego, Bianca Del Rio, have had on New Orleans' entertainment scene.

He can't point to a time when he realized he was gay -- just that he always knew he was "different, and I was cool with it." He never planned to become a drag queen, and is even leery of its trappings.

He doesn't plan 90 percent of what comes out of his or Bianca's mouth.

"Nine, and I fall out." It's not easy getting psyched up for the show, and she'll only do a few shots.

"It's like a 15-day dragathon," she groans, counting the number of consecutive nights in costume. Bianca Del Rio strides onto the stage and surveys the crowd before her warm greeting: "All right, you crackhead motherf--kers; how the f--k you doing? "At this point, we have no contestants, which means there's going to be a lot of monkey shit going on." Bianca starts grabbing people up onstage.

"OK, honey, are y'all ready to have a good time today? "The drag thing was a fluke, really," Haylock says over coffee Sunday afternoon at PJ's on Frenchmen Street, just a stone's throw from the lower Decatur Street apartment she shares with Allen.

"), one part Don Rickles ("He made me pee"), but only a small sliver Ru Paul ("not my cup of tea"), Haylock has virtually redefined how to entertain a city steeped in theater and drag traditions.

Plus, Bianca adds, "a lot of queens work there, so that helps." On this Sunday morning with storm clouds forming outside, Bianca's brown eyes are wide and demanding, her makeup unable to conceal dimpled cheeks. But it is when Haylock cakes on the makeup, slips into his own creations and metamorphoses into Bianca Del Rio that Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras balls, fundraisers and (more recently) gay "circuit" events around the Southeast come alive with the sound of music -- and Bianca's spitfire wit.

Her looks are exotically Latin, with her pronounced nose, Mediterranean complexion and jet-black wig hovering high above her forehead. She transcends the most weather-worn of drag queen stereotypes: fame- and money-obsessed, fraught with sexuality and allure, humor colorized by bitterness. She produces curves with a little help, but never swishes for effect.

("People who say, 'I'm going to do this in X years and be here in X years just set themselves up.") He is an utter original, completely self-possessed -- free of contrivance, pretense and compromise. Monday Monday nights at Oz become Bianca Del Rio's highwire act, a night where she's almost strictly on her own.

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