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You can expect an email in which you will be asked to set up a password. Once you install one of the apps, they will automatically run on startup so that you can start chatting immediately.Alternatively, you can use one of our mobile apps for i OS and Android to chat with customers on the go.Send and receive messages to any mobile number for FREE*• Ad free• Start a conversation on one device and pick it back up on another without missing a message • Chat with a friend or a group of friends with the "New Chat" button• Customize your groups with features like add/remove members, edit group icon and mute• Favorite your friends and group chats for instant access• Share photos, voice messages and your location without leaving the conversation• Copy and paste messages with ease• Tap on location previews in your conversation to get directions• Tap on icons to quickly view user details or group chat settings• Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ to turn off sounds and push notifications• Set 'Quiet Hours' to mute sounds and push notifications for when you don’t want to be disturbed• Change your incoming message sound in sound settings• 3D Touch enabled for supported i Phones - Force press the app icon to view shortcuts*Message and Data Rates may apply to recipient. also, i received an IM a couple days ago saying at the end of the month the app would no longer function and there's a new one available to download in the app store.

Express yourself with video, audio, photos, and stickers; be close, even when apart with Thumb Kiss™; and do everything from one app: share to-do lists, set reminders, make phone calls, send messages, share your location, suggest places to go out to on dates nights, and more.

Features include:• Private timeline to build a shared history & remember all your special moments• Real-time messaging and share videos, voice messages, and photo filters to express yourself• Express your moods & emotions with a variety of fun sticker packs • Send Secrets: photos that disappear after a fixed time!

I love all the silly stickers included and of course you can buy more (but tons of packs are free) and the little extra options like "thinking of you" and thumb kisses which really distinguish this app from plain texting or other apps.

You can also create lists or special calendar events there that are shared between the two of you and it can be very handy.

But I still get notifications of dates that I had when I was paired with him with my new partner, even though those aren't saved as dates for us...

Again, I love this app, but I wish we could have updates more frequently. I was afraid I was gonna have to find a new app because it was becoming so buggy.

• Thumb Kiss™ when you want to be close: whether next door across continents touch the same spot onyour phones to make them both vibrate simultaneously• Sketch together in real-time: draw pictures simultaneously or play games from a thousand miles away!

• Make phone calls or Facetime from inside the app• Share to-do lists: real-time syncing from new date ideas to remembering milk at the store• Calendar reminders: schedule dates, automatic notification of birthdays, anniversaries, and importantdates• Find highly rated nightlife venues restaurants, to suggest them to your partner for date nights• Broadcast your location to each other in real-time using Live Beacon, to make it easier to meet up • Cross platform support• Chat using the web app when you're on your computer Features coming soon:• Multi-language support• And much, much more!

super confusing as to what's happening with the future of AIM.

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