Free lical phone sexlines

Women customers were given free or nearly so access.They could be as raunchy or flirtatious as they wanted with total anonymity.The AP reported that many of the numbers - 1,667,000 out of around 7.87 million active 800 numbers, according to the AP - are assigned to Prime Tel.

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I used to have a good friend who owned a chat line. But as of then, I had a pretty good idea of how it worked from the owner/operator POV.

I've never called one, but I have talked with the people who do all the jobs on one.

About a quarter of the 1-800 numbers available in the United States and Canada have been snatched up by a company which is using them primarily for phone sex, a report claims.

According to study by the Associated Press, new and recently expired 800 numbers are being acquired by Prime Tel Communications, and redirecting callers to National A-1 Advertising, a company that apparently shares office space and executives between the two.

Customers would call the advertised 800#, give their credit card info, and be connected to the conference for $X/minute.

The moderator kept track of people's times & also had a way to bounce anybody who got to be a problem.

The moderator would talk dirty to one of the guys & the others would hoot & holler, or get involved too.

Often the conversation would get like Hustler's old write-in columns, with the guys BSing about various amazing sexual feats they'd done (yeah right ...), while the moderator just listened.

Compared to internet, the customers got real live voices, not just typing and no lasting record of what was said.

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