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Cellkraft’s products in business area Humidity and Steam targets laboratories and industry.

Quality and precision is secured so that the products can be used for highly qualitative experiments in laboratories as well as for continuous use in industrial applications.

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The nature study is another step toward answering our questions about exactly what, and how much of our forebearers’ experiences get passed down through DNA.

Primordial Fears There is already a growing body of research about how humans and other animals inherit fear from their ancestors.

Recent studies have provided evidence that memories of fear are one of many things our forebearers pass down to us through our DNA.

It could be your ancestors trying to tell you something.

Beyond The Physical Realm The idea of memories being written into DNA could provoke speculation about phenomenon like visions of past lives, although it might be a leap to go from a reaction to odor to the recall of specific and discrete memories.

Polish Professor of Pedogogy Andrzej Szyszko-Bohusz has worked since the 1960s to promote in which parental consciousness is transmitted to children along with DNA and other hereditary information.

At this point there’s little doubt that fear gets passed down through the generations — now we’re learning about how.

Rewriting The DNA Fear isn’t the only thing that gets imprinted in our genes.

The mice then bred, and both the children and grandchildren of the affected rodents demonstrated a fear of cherry blossoms the first time they smelled them.

“Our results allow us to appreciate how the experiences of a parent, before even conceiving offspring, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations,” Dr.

Recent breakthroughs have made big strides in understanding epigenetics — how our DNA gets changed by environmental factors.

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