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There is an art to using the chatbox as a back channel, and this is often far more effective than a traditional classroom, as you can have some students on audio, and/or video, while the others comment, chat, or interact through the chat box simultaneously.

A huge advantage in my book is the break-out room feature in most of the best virtual classrooms.

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You can divide classes up into groups or pairs and send them to different sub-classrooms.

In this way you can introduce many new games as you have the advantage of information gaps to exploit.

This was how I learnt the ropes, and learnt how to manage groups online.

Once a week I held an open creativity class on poetry, games or story-telling, and students from all over the world would log in.

The good news is that online teaching opens up new levels of creativity and opportunity for you as a teacher.

In a way, it drives you to surpass yourself and focus more on best practice as well as innovation.If I had a class in a brick and mortar school and a language lab, I would have a field-day.The fun activities one can use to supplement courses and have students creating their own educational masterpieces are endless.Personally speaking, when I started, I made a beeline for platforms with virtual classrooms, as it just seemed the natural thing to do.I found a community of teachers on Wiz IQ who were very inspiring, and we worked together for two years on our Edupunk creativity experiments.The importance of personal learning networks I can’t stress strongly enough how important my personal learning network has been to me.

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